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The following is a list of selected exhibitions in which Hilda has participated.  Collectors and galleries in Israel and abroad have purchased her work.

2018-2019-  China Artitst in Residence and exhibition. Invited by Qionglai government, Sichuan province for 6 month. From October 2018 until April 2019

2017 – “Cluj  International Ceramic Biennale”. October/November 2017. Romania.  http://clujceramicsbiennale.com/en/about/
2016 – “Resonance” . Installation Ceramic Art. 2016 Israeli Biennial of Ceramics. Eretz Israel Museum. Tel Aviv, Israel.

2016- Ceramic Design, Permanent Collection, (Knesset Israeli) Israeli Parliament. Hilda’s work was selected and purchased to be shown permanently at the Main Israeli Government Building : “Knesset” (Parliament), Jerusalem, Israel

2016- Center of the Arts Gallery – Helene and Allen Apter. “LAYERS TIME”. Glass and ceramic sculpture exhibition.

2014- V International Ceramics Biennale of Marratxi, Mallorca, SPAIN,  23 international art works selected.

2013- Ceràmica CICA2013, Museu de Ceràmica de l’Alcora, SPAIN.

2013-  Beit Binyamini,Contemporary Ceramic Center,Japanesse influence on Israeli ceramic ,   Jaffa, ISRAELl,

2012 – University of Southern California – Hillel Art Gallery. “A Historic Retrospective”.  Celebrating  40 years of ART. U.S.

2012- Santorini Biennale of Arts 2012, Santorini, Greece. http://www.santorinibiennale.gr

2012- Biennale of Ceramics, Prevelle. Invitation sponsored by the Israeli Embassy in France and the Biennale Organizers. France.

2012- “Homer Bem’avar”. Henkin Design Gallery, Holon. Curator: Dina Kahan Geler. Israel.

2011- “2011 Images – Central PA Festival of the Arts”. Robeson Gallery, Penn State University. USA

2011 – “Spinning Wave” – University of Southern California .Hillel Gallery and Ceramic Department.  Lectures and exhibition. Sponsored by the Ceramic department USA.

2011- “International Chasabal Ceramic Competition” – MUNGYEONG TRADITIONAL TEA BOWL FESTIVAL 2011. South Korea.

2010 – “Union of Opposites”. Wilfried Museum, Hazorea. Solo installation exhibition. Curator: Shir Meller Yamaguchi. Israel. Clip of the exhibition

2010 – “Possibilities”. Curators: Avner Zinger and Eva Avidar. Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center. Israel

2009 – “Gangjin International Ceramic Artist Exhibition and Workshop”, South Korea.  Hilda’s work was chosen and she was invited to participate at the Sponsored by the Foreign Ministry of Israel. South Korea

2008 – “The Pottery of Chado”, Tea Bowls and Tea Cups. Private collection of 250 Chawans and Yunomis from the world. The Yechiel Nahari Museum of Far Eastern Art.  Israel

2007- “Metamorphosis & Rebirth. The 2nd. 2007 China Jingdezhen International Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition”.  Curator: Zhang Yushan. Jiang Xi Province, China.

2006- Israeli Contemporary Applied Arts – The Alix de Rothschild Competition Winners.
At Ben Uri Gallery, London, UK.

2006- International Chawan (Oriental tea ceremony) Exhibition.
Hilda was invited to take part for this exhibition, sponsored by Japanese Embassy in Belgium. Atwerpen, BELGIUM.

2005- In Circle
Beit Iad Lebanim gallery..  Curator: Orna Fichman. Raanana. ISRAEL

2004- Infatuation, Sanbao Impresions
Two person exhibition at Sanbao Artist in Residence Program. Jingdezhen, CHINA. Sponsored by  the Foreign Ministry of Israel

2004- “String and Clay”
Two person exhibition. Curator:Ady Greenfield Tal Gallery. Kfar Veradim. ISRAEL

2003 – Altech Ceramics Triennal Cape Town 2003.
Juried exhibition by Richard Doherty. Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

2000 / 2001 – The Alix The Rothschild Craft award for 2000
Ten finalist juried exhibition by Edmund de Waal, Ashley Howard, Maureen Michaelsohn, and Caroline Whyman. Fourth Prize in the competition. Tel Hai, ISRAEL

2000 / 2001 – Clay 2000 The Israeli Biennial of Ceramics Eretz Israel Museum.. Curator: Irit Ziffer. Tel Aviv. ISRAEL

2000 – An Intended Rendezvous
Contemporary Ceramics of 23 ceramic artists from Israel. Curator Sara Hakert. Nechushtan Museum, Kibutz Ashodod Yakov.  ISRAEL.

1999- 1999 Gold Coast International Ceramic Art Award
International juried exhibition in The Gold Coast Arts Center. Surfers Paradise, AUSTRALIA.

1998 – International Art Show
Juried exhibition, Shepparton Art Gallery. Hilda Merom’s work was bought for the gallery’s permanent collection. AUSTRALIA

1997 – 1-2-3 Potters
Exhibition of three selected Israeli artists, Beit Aharon Kahana, curator: Ina Aruetty Ramat-Gan, ISRAEL.

1996 – Just Raku
Exhibition of Raku pieces by ten select Israeli artists, Kikars Gallery, Old Jaffa, ISRAEL.

1995 – International Biennial of Ceramics.

1994 – Small Works
20th annual juried competition, Valencia Community College, judged by Virginia Dwan.  Orlando, USA.

1994 – Feats of Clay VII
Lincoln, California,  Judged by Don Reitz. Hilda Merom received a Merit Award on the work exhibited. USA.

1993 – Ceramic League of Miami
Exhibition. Judged by Paul Soldner. Hilda Merom received the Buck Weaver Memorial Merit Award on the work exhibited. Miami, USA

1993 – All Florida
42nd annual juried exhibition. Boca Raton Art Museum. Judged by Gary Garrels, Senior Curator at Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA

1992 – Ceramic League of Miami
Exhibition. Judged by Karen Karnes. Miami, USA.